TunzaFun Xtreme | Attractions
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Rock Climbing & Other Attractions In Melbourne

Enjoy rock climbing, laser tag, 9D motion cinema, arcade games and other attractions at TunzaFun Xtreme Plenty Valley.

CLIMB Our Walls

Driven by our belief that Australians should enjoy a more active lifestyle while having TunzaFun, we bring you the worlds most advanced, colourful and dynamic style of climbing, Funtopia climbing! Not only do we have the world’s safest form of climbing, it’s a great and fun way to really challenge ones fears and give you that sense of accomplishment.


TunzaFun Xtreme features 30 of Funtopia’s best climbing walls including stairs of the right answer. Answer the questions correctly to reach the top! Or maybe you want to conquer the skyscraper?


TunzaFun Xtreme wall climbing features a hydraulic auto-belay system so no climbing buddy is needed. Learn more about safety here.


Climb sessions all start on the hour. Please arrive 15mins before your session for your safety briefing. In order to safely use our walls you must be at least 6 years old. For safety reasons the weight limit is 150kg.


Price: $18.50 per person for approx 1 hour climb plus 15 minute briefing


Optional Extras – Included in 1 hour climbing session


Jump $4

How far can you jump? Try to jump as far out at you can to reach the boxing bag or trapeze.

Transformed Laser Tag

Go head to head with your friends in our amazing Laser Tag arena.


Price: $12 per person for one game (10 minutes), $20 for two games (2 x 10 minutes)

9D Cinema

Strap yourself in and go for a ride like no other!

Our immersive 9D Cinema delivers 3D animated movies with surround sound, coupled with “active motion” luxury seats (dramatic effects such as rain, fog, lightning, wind, snow, touch, feel and more will be added in the near future). We have a wide variety of movies to choose from, such as:

  • Rapid Coaster
  • Hovercar Racing
  • Jetpack Adventures with Jett & Jin
  • Starship Space Adventure
  • Small Dinosaur Adventures


Price: $8 per person per ride

PLAY Arcade Games

Enjoy our xtreme range of new and high quality arcade games with more challenges and TunzaFun adventures than you could imagine.


Not only will you be xtremely entertained, but you will also be rewarded as your tickets fly out of the machines.


Try to carry your tickets to the counter or if you have too many, our friendly staff will be glad to help you. Had enough entertainment for one day? Then it’s time to choose your prizes from our extensive range!